At least I got my luggage

Today was that day of many meltdowns. Right before we took off from SFO, I had a mental breakdown and basically cried my eyes out and tried not to think about what was going on. About an hour later I was ok, and then somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean I decided to have another meltdown. After that one I kept it together pretty well until we landed in Alicante (mostly because I had good company and met some pretty interesting people), and then I had to get some Euros and a taxi, and once I got to my hotel I realized I was completely alone in a foreign country. Of course I  had to have a meltdown again.

My total travel time was about 24 hours, and I only ate bread and fruit in that time, plus I got only about 2 total hours of sleep if you add up my many 5 minute naps, so I’m completely exhausted. Also, I’ve never really felt away from my parents before. At school they’re 2 hours away, and if my dad goes on a business trip, my mom will be home. This is the first real separation anxiety I’ve ever felt, and honestly I’d rather be home with them than here right now. I might not be saying that in a few days, but for now I just want my parents. And just to be clear, I don’t regret this experience, I just have no idea what’s going on right now.

Life’s an adventure, so keep exploring it!

~ very tired Teryn

One thought on “At least I got my luggage

  1. First of all, I was in Alicante this past summer to visit my Spanish friend!

    Second, I’ve taken two different trips to Europe completely by myself, and I’m only nineteen! I know it’s completely scary. I found myself constantly hungry and tired. But stick with it and you will have some awesome memories! If you plan on traveling all around Europe, I would recommend visiting smaller towns and also staying in hostels. The smaller towns submerge you more, and you get a better feel and appreciation for the local culture. And it’s also easier to make friends too because there’s not as many people around. And in hostels, definitely hang out in the common area to make some friends. My best memories from Europe were when I got to make friends and learn from them. And of course going out and having fun with them!

    Some places I recommend:
    -Lagos, Portugal (in the summer. it’s touristy, but there are stunning beaches and great nightlife)
    -Galway, Ireland (st. patricks day. again, touristy, but everyone complains how much they hate Dublin)
    -Hossegor, France (in the summer. vacation/surf town for Parisians, didn’t meet any Americans here)
    -Zermatt, Switzerland (if you’re into mountains and a place that looks like the village from Grinch)


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