What I miss about America:

There are not many things that I dislike about Spain. In fact, I can’t think of anything I truly dislike. However, there are a few american “traditions” I wish I could bring here.

1. BREAKFAST. I cannot stop thinking about breakfast foods. In Spain, breakfast consists of toast with jam and coffee. I like toast with jam and I will never say no to coffee, but I have been craving eggs and pancakes and waffles and hash browns and french toast and even some Honey Bunches of Oats for a week now. Seriously though if I find pancakes in Spain I can guarantee my savings will disappear.

2. Xfinity online. I don’t have a Netflix account, but if I did Netflix would be on this list too. Unfortunately, american TV and movie sites don’t work here so I guess I won’t be binge watching movies instead of sleeping…

3. The concept of dessert. In restaurants, ordering dessert is normal and usually a fantastic idea, but my host family doesn’t eat dessert at home because they try to stay healthy. So after dinner when I get the itch for froyo or popcorn, I just have to sit there and think about all the calories I’m saving myself. Let’s be honest I’d still rather be shoving fist-fulls of chocolate in my mouth.

That basically sums up my list. If you want to help me out I’m happily accepting food-based care packages! (kidding) But seriously, the fact that the only “cons” of living here are based on food and TV says so much. I really do love Alicante!

Life is an adventure, so keep exploring it!

~ Teryn

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