Not enough time in Granada

The CIEE program that I study through takes two trips during the semester, and the first was to Granada, Spain! We arrived Friday the 6th and took a tour of a cathedral, and then saw the tombs of Isabella and Ferdinand (the Queen and King who funded Columbus’ excursion that discovered America). After dinner we went to the flamenco caves to see a traditional performance.

Flamenco Caves

The caves were very long and narrow with an arch ceiling. They were carved out of the mountain and painted white, and then chairs were set up along the sides and at the ends of the cave. The dancers performed in the middle while the musicians played at one end, and it lasted about an hour. Earlier that week we had taken a flamenco class, so we knew the basic steps and we also knew how hard it was to combine the choreography with the body language of the dance, so it was really impressive to watch the professionals and see how different each dancer was. 

The next morning, our group went to La Alhambra for a walking tour of the muslim palace. We started at the gardens in the Palacio de Generalife, then saw La Alhambra after. The gardens were very beautiful, but La Alhambra was breathtaking! Every inch of the walls and ceilings were carved with muslim sayings and designs, and the palace was HUGE. A picture is worth a thousand words and there isn’t a better way to describe La Alhambra, so here are a few of my favorite spots!

GeneralifeLa Alhambra

Sadly, we left for Alicante after this tour, but Granada was well worth the 4 hour bus ride!

Life is an adventure, so keep exploring it!

~ Teryn

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