A Day in the Life (get it?)

It’s about time I write something about what I do here when I’m not traveling. Low and behold I actually take classes! Who would’ve guessed, right? Ok I know I’m not that funny but my semester studying abroad might be easier than middle school when it comes to academics. This semester, I’m taking 5 classes for a total of 17 units. However; one class was an intensive two-week spanish class, so during the week I’m only taking 4 classes. But wait, it gets better! My “two” spanish classes are combined in the morning so even though I’m taking two classes unit-wise, it’s really only one class. I also have Art and Camino classes on a block schedule, so everyday I’m out of school before 1 and on Fridays at 11.

My detailed schedule is: Monday through Friday: 9am – 11am Spanish, Monday and Wednesday: 11am – 1pm Art History, Tuesday and Thursday: 11am – 1pm Camino de Santiago.

But what about homework? Well in Spanish I have about 5 minutes of homework sometimes, which I do on the tram on the way home, and in my Art and Camino classes I only have optional readings that help when studying. Basically if I don’t have a test the next day I don’t have any homework! For lunch, or “comida,” Madre makes all kinds of dishes, but she has a few normal ones that we have almost every week, including paella, spaghetti, and lentil soup. One time she made lasagna too which was amazing, and I normally don’t even like lasagna! Everything in Spain is organic which makes fruits and vegetables look kind of funny but it all tastes so much better in the end. That’s basically all the significant information I have to share. Food and school are my main concerns along with traveling on the weekend, so if anyone has specific questions then ask away and I’ll write more! Speaking of weekend travel, I went to Calpe to a natural park this weekend. It was more than 5 hours of walking to get to the top of a rock that was roughly 1000 ft high, but it was so worth the dangerous climb! Parque Natural del Peñón de Ifach Life is an adventure, so keep exploring it!

~ Teryn

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