Beaches & Bikinis

Majorca? Mallorca? – Nobody actually knows the real spelling of it, only the pronunciation. The important thing is that we went there! So for our long March weekend starting the 19th, my friend and I decided to book a plane and a hotel on the sunny beach vacation island of Majorca, Spain. Too bad during our three (and a half) days in paradise it rained on us for a solid two days…

We arrived to the sunny and warm island thursday afternoon, and went to our hotel where we immediate decided to go to the beach and walk the coast to downtown Palma. It was about a 45 minute walk but we got lunch in between to break it up. We walked around the city and did some window shopping, then met up with our friends who also were traveling in Majorca to get dinner and have some fun after.

The next morning it was pouring rain and freezing cold. We got breakfast, then found our way to the train station where we bought bus tickets to go across the island. An hour and a half later we arrived at the Caves of Drach and took a tour that ended with a gondola ride through the cave. I never knew how cool stalactites and stalagmites looked up close. The ceilings were covered in what looked like icicles and if there was an earthquake we might have all died down there by impalement. Obviously that didn’t happen but we still joked about it on the tour. The next day the weather was absolutely beautiful, which meant we got our beach day! I got my first lobster sunburn this year which turned into a nice base tan, even though I’m still the whitest girl I know. Sunday it was sunny and warm in the morning so we rented bikes and made our way downtown until it started pouring again and we got stuck in a cafe for three hours. It wasn’t exactly the weekend getaway we expected, but it was a fun weekend to remember! Also we ate pizza and gelato everyday of the trip – take that summer body!

Life is an adventure, so keep exploring it!

~ Teryn

One thought on “Beaches & Bikinis

  1. I went to Majorca recently as well, and to be honest didn’t have super high expectations – I just wanted some sunshine but it blew me away! There are some AMAZING places on that island! Great post 🙂


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