The end is in sight…

It’s almost finals week here in Alicante, and that isn’t as detrimental on my soul as finals week at UOP is, but being that I did 5 minutes of homework per week the whole semester, this sucks. I got back from Spring Break on monday night, and I was supposed to have a 3,000 word essay about a Spanish painter due on wednesday. Obviously I missed class monday when the teacher told us the essay was actually extended to sunday, so I stressed about it and wrote it during my plane and train rides over Spring Break. Sorry not sorry I’m such an overachiever and finished my essay 5 days in advance! I also had my Camino de Santiago 3,000 word essay due thursday, but I only got to 2,000 words on that one before he told us it was extended to the following monday… Moral of the story, I had a lot of words to write, and (not to brag) while everybody else was stressing out big time, I was watching Netflix because I thankfully didn’t know the deadlines changed!Tabarca

To celebrate our ongoing procrastination, last friday we took a trip to the island of Tabarca, where we swam with jellyfish. It would be better to say that we swam away from the jellyfish, but luckily only three people got stung out of our group of 15, so it could have been worse. We got to climb some rocks and jump off of things, which is always a good time, and it was a fun day trip before everyone had to start actually studying.

We only have three final tests, but as much as we want to get them over with, we don’t want to take them because that means the semester is over which is too sad to think about. I’m lucky; my flight back to the US isn’t until the end of May and I get to travel a little more, but I’m really going to miss my friends. Buena suerte con los examenes!

Life is an adventure, so keep exploring it!

~ Teryn

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