Case: Closed

Lindt Chocolatier The last place I traveled to was Switzerland. On Wednesday we left Salzburg and flew to Zurich, where we then went to Lucerne and Geneva over the course of five days. Switzerland was alright but nothing like I expected. I was hoping for cute small mountain towns and a christmas-like culture, but the cities were huge and the boats and canals were average and the churches were just okay. The biggest disappointment was the lack of cute towns. True, we stayed on the northern side, and the Swiss Alps are on the southern side, but we drove through mountain towns and they failed miserably to impress. If I ever go back to Switzerland it will be to explore the Alps, and if those are also subpar then I’ll happily go to a cheaper and cozier country, like Austria or southern Germany.

With all of my complaining now out of the way, I’d like to share… the list. Throughout the semester, I’ve been keeping tabs on which cities I loved vs. almost hated, and I’ve had a running list going so that when I travel in the future I’ll know where to go back to first. And now, without further ado, I give you – My (Relevant) Favorite Cities in Order:

  1. Edinburgh
  2. Alicante
  3. Munich
  4. Salzburg
  5. Valencia
  6. Barcelona
  7. London
  8. Madrid
  9. Rome
  10. Vienna
  11. Granada
  12. Cardiff
  13. Paris
  14. Zurich
  15. Palma, Majorca
  16. Dublin
  17. Geneva

I know that was a little anticlimactic, but just know that a lot went into making that list. Also keep in mind that food and language spoken played a huge role in the ranking of the cities, and know that I would make a list of my favorite countries too, but that wouldn’t be fair considering I’ve seen most of southern Spain and taken trains across other countries, but haven’t even been outside of Paris or Dublin. I’ll wait on that list until I gain a few more perspectives from around the world.

So yeah! My travels have officially come to a close from these five months of “studying” abroad, and obviously it has been the greatest five months of my life. The countdown has started regarding my next trip over the Atlantic, but today I sadly have to end this incredible chapter of my life. I’ve learned more about this world and myself than I ever could’ve imagined, and to say I’ve changed would be an understatement. Soon I’ll be crying on a plane bound for San Francisco but that reality hasn’t set in yet; I don’t think it will set in until I see the Bay… See you soon USA. Case: closed. Bring in the dancing lobsters.

Life is an adventure, so keep exploring it!

~ Teryn

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