A Hopeful Happy Ending

Does anybody else ever feel like they were born in the wrong era? I often find myself wishing I was my grandparents’ age; an age that got to live through part of the great depression, the civil rights movement, and the changes in technology that connected the world in ways most of us will never understand. Back then people and relationships mattered the most because that is what people spent time on, and now we can’t seem to escape technology to get those honest connections back. However, what surprised me the most about our generation gap is the fact that humans are still innately the same. I figured that our fixation with technology and the ability the communicate 24/7 had an impact on our need to hear from loved ones or boyfriends, but if you think about it we were sort of handed that ability to communicate and learned to crave it. In a time when hand written letters and the occasional phone call, when possible, were the most popular, were loved ones still in need of their version of a ‘good morning text?’ Surprisingly, yes.

My dad happened to notice a letter on the ground, not because it was a dirty envelope in his path, but because it had a Boston, Mass. 1947 stamp, and a 3 cent postage stamp. I think we’d all benefit from his observation skills because if it were me I would’ve walked right by that. He brought it home to us, and knowing how much of a vintage and antique geek I am he was so excited to show my  mom and I. Ok I hope everybody has seen the Notebook because let me tell you, this letter is straight out of the movie.

Tuesday – 9:30p.m.

7 January 1947

My darling –

Happy Tuesday to you and please overlook my negligence to you yesterday. For some inexplicable reason, I couldn’t get myself to write a letter. I missed you so much, dear, that every time I thought of you – which was too often for comfort, I’d find myself in tears. And a letter just couldn’t substitute for my being with you + talking to you. I still feel much the same about it, but I know you expect to hear from me + I wouldn’t feel comfortable, letting any time elapse without writing. 

Justice is evidentally evening things up for us, for I’m rather frantic with worry at the moment, wondering why I’ve had no phone call from you tonight. As usual, all sorts of things have been running thru my mind, but I’m trying hard to be reasonable + think of some safe reasons why I haven’t heard form you. If nothing comes through soon, I’ll probably try to contact the Titscher residence, though an explanation might come thru in tomorrow’s letter. I doubt if I can wait for it tho. 

Honest dear – I’m so nervous I can’t write another word. And I really am suffering. 

Please be all right darling. I can’t be much without you. 


Hearing about love and relationships in the most honest form, from a point of view we don’t often hear from, puts life in perspective. Life is so short, and this couple is probably quite old now. As creepy as this may sound I wanted to return the letter to them and hear how it all turned out, so I started by googling. I found a older couple from the east coast with their same names not far from my house, which made me cry because it’s a happy ending to this still unknown love story. But, the ending is all that matters.  A couple can go through every struggle the world throws at them, but if they end up happily spending their lives together what more could they want. Technology won’t give you that connection, nor a paycheck, so I might sound naive but our future is in the people we meet and how we nurture those relationships.

Life is an adventure that might be better explored as a shared experience.

~ Teryn

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