A Quick Skip and a Jump

Hello! Me again. I haven’t really written anything since last semester got busy, so I figured it was time to update the world (or my nearly-nonexistent blog readers) on my life.

Last semester, Fall 2015, was the hardest semester I’ve had. I was taking 15 units and had weekly clinic sessions to attend at the Scottish Rite Speech and Language Clicic. There, I assisted and led therapy sessions for a child with a moderate articulation and phonology disorder. For non-SLPs, I helped a kid talk good.I also have a part time job as the Parent and Family Manager for New Student and Family Programs at my university. Between these two responsibilities, I ran on an 8-5 schedule Monday – Thursday, but luckily had Fridays off. Now this doesn’t sound too stressful, and for the most part it wasn’t besides my Anatomy class, but I also was appointed the Director of Crews for my sorority, Delta Gamma. I then took a position with the Pacific Baseball Recruitment Team, and as a cherry on top of it all, I joined a professional Fraternity. I was forced to finally learn how to time manage and stay on top of school work, which was crucial since I had no free time to begin with, and with the hardest work I’ve ever put into my classes I earned the first 4.0 of my life.

To be honest, I also enjoyed my professors and classes last semester more than I ever have, which made paying attention and working hard easier than in previous classes (like accounting. I still hate accounting).

The real fun began once the semester ended. My dad had yet another business trip to London, and my mom and I were lucky enough to go with him again! I had a friend studying abroad in London, and two friends studying in Stirling, Scotland, so of course I had to visit them all! The first night we arrived was my London friend’s 21st birthday, so we had a fun celebration for her. The next day, my family and I got to see Robin Hood at a community theatre which was very well done! I would highly recommend avoiding the popular large productions and seeing something small scale for a great show! The following day was Monday, and I boarded a train for Scotland. The English countryside was the most spectacular scenery I’ve ever beheld, even though it was a long train ride, and once I arrived to Edinburgh I got to walk around the Christmas market for an hour before catching the next train to Stirling. There is just something so majestic about Christmas in Europe that everybody needs to experience at least once in their lifetime. The UK does is well, but hopefully next year I’ll get to see a traditional German or Austrian christmas to top it.

The next couple days were filled with food and very fun nights with two of my sorority sisters, where we (they) cooked dinner and we drank wine and went to their favorite club, Dusk. It was great to just catch up and be able to see their temporary home. Their friends were amazing too, and a Scottish accent is very attractive. I left on Wednesday and went back down to London, which was an even longer train ride since our train broke halfway through and we needed to switch. The next couple days were filled with museum visits, shopping, and a family day in the Belgravia district. We got cupcakes at barbie’s dream house, more commonly known as Peggy Porschen Cakes, and walked all over the residential district admiring the mansions we wished to call home. We ended our week at London’s Winter Wonderland, the Christmas festival in Hyde Park, and then hopped on the tube to head home. I come from a travel family, and even though I had some of the worst blisters from the day’s adventure, my mom insisted on hopping off the tube to walk downtown a little longer. Thank goodness she did because we found my favorite bar in the world, Mr. Foggs Tavern.

There are few places where technology feels wrong. When camping, you may want to take a picture or pull out an electronic device, but that doesn’t mean you should. Mr Foggs Tavern had antiques covering the walls and ceiling, and played barely-audible old folk music in the background, creating an atmosphere where technology felt unwelcome. Somehow, that corner bar in the theater district of downtown London brought guests back in time, even when it was packed with people (as it ought to have been). To make the venue even more magical, the bouncer was the perfect amount of strict and loving, gently alluding to those who weren’t dressed the part that there was an Irish pub around the corner, and only letting the elite in. Lucky for us we passed off as elite. If nothing else, I would go back to London simply for that bar.

For now, I’m back in school as I should be, but I dream of the day I can get back on a plane and see more of this playground of a world we live in.

Life is an adventure, so keep exploring it!

~ Teryn

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