Blueberry Picking

I know summer is coming when the blueberries are in season! This morning we picked the bush clean, and now all that is left to do is bake pies and muffins, and maybe even some cupcakes with our new blue beauties.

I always miss spending time in the backyard since I now live in Stockton most of the year, but the greenery and blue flowers that carpet the grass make coming home even more enjoyable!

Wondering what my favorite blue treat to make is? With our organic homegrown blueberries I always enjoy baking Mini Blueberry Galettes! We made a batch of these blueberry pies last year, and I highly recommend it! You can find the recipe I use here, and I suggest you save a few for the next day because they surprisingly taste even better!

Life is an adventure, so keep exploring (and tasting) it!

~ Teryn

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