Glamping 2016

Every June, the Stewart clan takes our annual family camping trip to Twin Lakes Resort near Bridgeport, CA. Our definition of camping is slightly different than most, so in the last couple years we’ve updated it to “glamping,” because I don’t think sleeping on beds and having access to electricity can officially be called camping. Luckily, Twin Lakes is just outside of cell service range, so we still get all the perks of being off the grid! 

This year was one of the best ones yet (though we seem to say that every year), and we even got to do a couple things for the first time! After 11 years of visiting the same location, doing anything for the first time is surprising. We spent a couple beautiful days fishing from the point and on the boat, and one morning we woke up early to watch the sunrise and walk a short 5.3 miles around the lake. Along the way we found a new trailhead, so my mom and I later decided to go on a hike to Summers Meadows. We thought it would be fun, but hiking 2 miles straight uphill was a different story. The view from the top was totally worth it in the end!


On Wednesday, we spent the day at In Touch Spa in Mammoth, which was very much needed after the previous hikes, and Thursday we went on another hike to Cooney and Frog Lakes. While my parents stopped at Cooney to catch a couple Brook Trout, my cousin and I kept going. We stopped after hitting 11,000 feet of elevation, then needed to get down a massive shale and rock slide. It was a windy and tiring day, and was easily one of my favorite days.

With three fish dinners devoured and amazing memories made, we started home across the Sonora Pass. It was indeed a lovely week.


Life is an adventure, so keep exploring it!

~ Teryn

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