California’s Fisherman

Pescadero, meaning ‘the fisherman’ or ‘the place to fish,’ is one of my favorite small towns. Though there is not all that much to do, the sights and smells are well worth spending the morning exploring! But be sure to sleep in, because your first stop of the day doesn’t open until 9am. 

My Pescadero morning started off on Stage Road at Downtown Local because it was both an interesting venue to check out, and the only coffee shop on the block. Downtown Local sells vintage items, including classic records, and even plays silent movies in their mini theater! While I was there I’m pretty sure there was also a psychic reading going on, though I don’t know if that is included in your coffee purchase.

Continuing down Stage Road, I found a beautiful flower garden. Unfortunately it was closed, but the beauty of the garden gleamed from a distance! Next door was the amazing Country Bakery, famous for their Artichoke Garlic Herb bread. I bought a couple loaves for dinner and then headed back to the car to venture on to my next location!

Pebble Beach is a must in Pescadero! It is way less visited than the nearby Pescadero State Beach, and it is much more unique! The ‘sand’ is actually pebbles formed from the ocean floor, and long walks on the beach quickly become foot massages thanks to that fact. Today, there was a whale carcass which is not as rare as people think, as this is the second one I’ve seen in that area, but it was mostly decomposed and the bones were MASSIVE.

The last stop of the day was Half Moon Bay Nursery, which is on 92 heading back to the bay. I had this succulent plant that I named Peter, and Peter unfortunately died last week sparking my interest in succulent gardens and Peter’s future potential! My family has been going to Half Moon Bay Nursery for years since we have a large garden in the backyard, so the nursery is nothing new to me. What is new, however, is my perspective of it! Previously it was just some place off a windy road (usually including traffic) that had tomato plants and other pretty flora that I didn’t appreciate. Being able to walk around as a solo traveler and with a new appreciation for nature, I fell in love with the greenery and subtle details that make the aesthetics magical! Hopefully I was able to capture that in the photos!

Life is an adventure, so keep exploring it!

~ Teryn

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