3 Reasons Why I Love AT&T Park

Most of us have been to a baseball game and know they’re great fun, but why go to a game at AT&T Park? (For those of you not from the SF Bay Area, AT&T Park is home of the San Francisco Giants.) First of all because GO GIANTS, and secondly because the park is, in my opinion, the greatest in the world. If you have a different opinion I’d love to hear it in the comments section, and I’ll even visit your favorite park too just to be fair!

The real question here is why is AT&T Park the greatest? I could go on forever about this, but I’ll sum it up in 3 simple reasons to make this post an easy read.

1. The Food: food cart hotdogs, local SF bites, and healthy options!

The food scene at AT&T Park is definitely changing for the better, but there are a couple traditional dishes that are unbeatable. The first is my favorite lunch whenever I go to a game, which is a classic hotdog. BUT WAIT, I’m not talking a ‘Doggie Diner’ shop window dog, I’m talking the food cart hotdogs that have grilled onions and grilled sauerkraut ready to be enjoyed, unlike the pre-cooked dogs kept in a warming oven at the shop windows.

Where can you find these freshly made magnificent hotdogs? At the red stars on the map below!

Map of AT&T Park

Other must haves include a Cha Cha Bowl from Orlando’s BBQ, a crab sandwich from Crazy Crab’z, clam chowder at the Pier 44 Chowder House, Gilroy Garlic Fries, and of course a Ghirardelli hot fudge sundae – but only after the Giants get a home run (Stewart family tradition: home runs = hot fudge sundaes)!

The newer food options at AT&T Park include a boba shop behind section 122, The Organic Coup by section 133, a CREAM ice cream cookie sandwich stand, and Garden and Hearth Table on the ground level under the scoreboard which offer gluten-free gourmet options.

Do you have any other ballpark treats that you can’t live without? Give me a heads up so that I don’t miss out! Let me know your favorites in the comments 🙂

2. The Gotham Club: If you’ve heard of Disney’s Club 33, the Giants have one too and they call it the Gotham Club after the original New York team.

For official info about The Gotham Club, check out their website! Membership is limited and was first offered to season ticket holders, then to the public. As far as my knowledge, the membership list is currently full so if you sign up it will most likely be for a waiting list. The difference between The Gotham Club and Club 33? The Gotham Club is fairly priced, offers free parking, and puts on free specials events year-round! It also has the best ballpark amenities in the world – again a totally biased opinion, but see for yourself in the pictures.

Exhibit A: The Pre-Game Perks – getting into the park extra early, watching batting practice (and chatting with players/catching balls), always getting the giveaway, and THE VIEW!

Exhibit B: The Upstairs Entryway – a living room aesthetic with vintage books, engraved bats with the members of The Gotham Club, and more amazing views of both the field and the marina. 

Exhibit C: The Bar & Food – Bloody Marys with tons of veggies and bacon, a 24 (Old Fashion named after Willie Mays, chilled with a baseball ice cube), and Sunday brunch. 

Exhibit D: The Decorative Details – Old school baseball equipment on display, vintage one-of-a-kind photos of previous teams and players, and the GC logo on everything – including cloth coasters and bathroom towels! 

Before the Giants opened The Gotham Club, they had been buying original 1900’s framed photos for years. Once the club opened it was obvious why the photos were purchased, and they now add historic decoration to the walls. Have any questions about the photos? Employees have all the info and can describe why each one is significant, all you have to do is ask!

Exhibit E: The Second GC Location! – An even more secret second Gotham Club location exists on the suite level, which includes a vintage pool table, vintage books & board games, a BOWLING ALLEY, a dart board (that my parents threw the first game of darts on), a candy station, and a build-your-own-hotdog bar!

My favorite part is the pool table 🙂

A bit of a disclaimer, in order to enter TGC you do need a game ticket, so you can’t get into each baseball game for free. However, all you have to buy is a $6 ticket to get in and just watch the whole game from the club!

3. The Fan-Friendly Design!

AT&T Park is on the edge on San Francisco, meaning getting there is a breeze. If you’re coming in from the South Bay, all you have to do is get off the highway and park! There’s no city traffic! If you want to take public transportation the train gets off close by, and Muni drops you off right out front of the gates. When it comes to entering, there are main gates along every side of the park so you don’t have to wait in crazy long lines.

There are also ways for fans to get involved at the games, such as turning the Ks when the pitcher strikes someone out, and being on the field during the post-season national anthems. For these perks you do need a specific ticket, but the fact that these perks exist is a home run for fans!

Lastly, AT&T Park is very kid-friendly, offering Sunday player signings to kids 14 and under, having a strong relationship with Jr. Giants little league, and letting kids play on the slides and mini ballpark behind the bleachers in the outfield. There are also adult friendly options, such as the restaurant bars within the park and the MANY selections of beer, wine, or margaritas for you to enjoy. Need something a little stronger? No worries, the bars in the area are AMAZING on game days, so you don’t even need to buy a ticket to get a ballgame experience! The most popular bar is Pedro’s, which is just across the street and offers incredible Mexican food with great drinks and a good time.

Well that’s about all I’ve got regarding my favorite baseball stadium, but I want to hear from you too. What is your favorite park/team and WHY? I’d love to visit every stadium (though it’ll take some time), so leave a few tips and I’ll be sure check them out!

Life is an adventure, so get yourself to a baseball game and enjoy it!

~ Teryn





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